Well noted in a sentence

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! He was noted for his great knowledge, the most of which he had obtained from books. She noted the worn but relatively new clothes that clung to his lean frame. Her face flamed instantly — a fact he noted when his gaze returned to her. Public knowledge noted the arrest resulted from yet another unidentified tip. Jackson noted the two cars and held Elisabeth back a bit, whispering, "Does this mean I won't have to spend another interminable night in an empty bed?

My careful cross-referencing noted the same name listed as a wealthy grandfather of a kidnapped child who was returned after a strange tip was received. His attention swung back to her and the dark eyes brightened as he noted her smile.

He was educated at home and at the university of Strassburg, where he was chiefly noted for his athletic skill. Fred just snorted, but Dean noted the old man didn't deny the question. It should always be specially noted whether the fungi to be consumed are in a fresh and wholesome condition, otherwise they act as a poison in precisely the same way as does any other semi-putrid vegetable. It should be noted that the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists are only slightly connected with the original body.

The city's manufactures idclude cotton, woollen and silk textiles, cigars and cigarettes, and dulces, or sweetmeats, Morelia being noted throughout Mexico for the latter, particularly for a variety called Guayabate.

He noted this down that same evening, among other facts he felt to be of historic importance. Ethel Reagan, the writer, noted the tips were telephoned from various locations across the country and provided by both men and women.

He was a member of Congress for many years, and was noted for his odd manners and strong self- will. Mohair cloth is manufactured, and the town is noted for its honey and fruit.

After two hours' exposure, it is wrapped round a frame supported in a given position relative to Elster and Geitel's dissipation apparatus, and the loss of charge is noted. A Cnossian didrachm exhibits on one side the labyrinth, on the other the Minotaur surrounded by a semicircle of small balls, probably intended for stars; it is to be noted that one of the monster' s names was Asterius.

The writings of Propertius are noted for their difficulty and their disorder. Among the natural flora may be noted the wild olive, the lentisk from which oil is extractedthe prickly pear, the myrtle, broom, cytisus, the juniper. Of wild animals may be noted the moufflon Ovis Ammonthe stag, and the wild boar, and among birds various species of the vulture and eagle in the mountains, and the pelican and flamingo the latter coming in August in large flocks from Africa in the lagoons.

well noted

In Roman times Sardinia, relatively somewhat more prosperous than at present, though not perhaps greatly different as regards its products, was especially noted as a grain-producing country. Their form, however, is not sufficiently characteristic to warrant this identification, though it may be noted that the nearest approximation to phallic worship is found amongst the most typical of African peoples, viz.

The town is noted for its fruit, especially its vines; and it exports tissues, carpets, hides, yellow berries and dried fruit. The inhabitants of the last-named islands were noted pirates until reduced to order by the French.

Having been taught that there is no absolutely true religion, Mendelssohn's own descendants - a brilliant circle, of which the musician Felix was the most noted - left the Synagogue for the Church. The environs of Creil Oise and Chteau-Landon Seine-et-Marne are noted for their freestone pierre de taillewhich is also abundant at Euville and Lrouville in Meuse; the production of plaster is particularly important in the environs of Paris, of kaolin of fine quality at Yrieix 1-Jaute-Vienneof hydraulic lime in Ardche Le Teilof lime phosphates in the department of Somme, of marble in the departments of HauteGaronne St BeatHautes-Pyrnes Campan, SarrancolinIsre and Pas-de-Calais, and of cement in Pas-de-Calais vicinity of Boulogne and Isre Grenoble.To save this word, you'll need to log in.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'noted. Send us feedback. See more words from the same century Dictionary Entries near noted note card notecase note collective noted note diplomatique note down notehead. Accessed 14 Apr. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for noted noted.

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What's with his feathered cap? Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Come look at pictures of baby animals. Can you correctly identify these flowers? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of noted. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from noted notedly adverb. Choose the Right Synonym for noted famousrenownedcelebratednotednotoriousdistinguishedeminentillustrious mean known far and wide.

Examples of noted in a Sentence She is a noted scholar specializing in Latin-American literature. Recent Examples on the Web Chernin is also a noted producer of television shows, which are not included in the new Netflix deal.Well scored. Well notes. Well mark. Well provide. Well observe. Well memo. Well indicated. Well observations. Well awareness. Well notedBeadle. The change in approach has been well noted. Chandler "was able to do Silas a service as well" noted the family.

The economy was going wellnoted his Sheffield Hallam constituent, a year-old quantity surveyor. Maine has passed other hurdles as wellnoted Anthony Corrado, a campaign finance expert at Colby College.

well noted in a sentence

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I have a friend who is using "acknowledge" when someone asks him to confirm something. Usually I observe people using "Okay, noted. Therefore I want to check that it is okay to use "Acknowledge" instead of "Okay, noted. In general, I find if you only say this, it will sound a bit terse and could be taken as rude.

Generally, I prefer less formal responses like your example or "OK, got it", "Thanks, I'll make a note of that".

There are two words in the lingo of aviation radio communication, "roger" and "wilco. To avoid confusion in that instance, your friend should find some locution that means wilco. When you acknowledge something, you understand the importance and the truth of the fact being told to you.

It goes far beyond just understanding or noting the point. The word note doesn't have such a powerful connotation or impact attached to it. It more or less means mechanically or mentally jotting down what is told to you regardless of what its importance is. Moreover, the word acknowledgement is more formal. If the mail you're writing is a formal one, related to business or school or anything like that, you can say "I acknowledge the fact that Here, acknowledgement means that you are responsible for the fact you've stated.

From the M-Wacknowledge means. So, it's correct to say acknowledged when someone asking to confirm something, however it looks unusual.

Acknowledgement is recognition of the fact s or points as stated. Unless a very legal issue, it should suffice as to be acted upon. Per the military reference, Wilco, is quite specific that the recipient of the communication 'will-comply' with the directive. In business an 'acknowledgment' should be a 'will-comply' and should simply be confirmed as such between the parties; however, if necessary for legal reasons then 'acknowledgement' only could be simply 'yes, I agree' but not necessarily that they shall act accordingly.

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On its own, this is a very casual phrase. Only use this phrase if it is certain it is acceptable for the situation. This is not a common phrase to use on its own. It can be misinterpreted by some native speakers as being impolite. See alternatives for more appropriate ways to use this phrase. Person A: Here are the updated statistics for the report you are working on. Person B: Noted and thanks. Person A: That dress does not look good on you. This example shows how the phrase is frequently used sarcastically.

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well noted in a sentence

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well noted in a sentence

Listen to an audio pronunciation. Dictionary Examples. We need the final draft of your proposal by Tuesday, June Necesitamos el borrador final de su propuesta antes del martes, 17 de junio.

But points made have been well noted by the presidency. The recommendation has been well noted. Thank you very much, Mr Konrad, for your contribution; it has been well noted. With the ever-increasing threat of nuclear terrorism in the world, the importance of IAEA activities aimed at protecting States against such despicable conduct is well noted.

Dada la amenaza creciente del terrorismo nuclear en el mundo, es evidente la importancia de las actividades del OIEA encaminadas a proteger a los Estados contra esas conductas despreciables. Thus, the similarity of certain nerve centers to those in animal and other forms is well noted by the ancient Vedas. Thus, observation gave the first foundations for systematic divisions.

This was perfectly well noted and understood by Mr Mitchell, the rapporteur, but it would seem not to have been grasped by the rapporteurs for the consultative committees and the Committee on Budgetary Control. In this perspective, as you very well noted Commissioner, both the Council and the European Parliament in their previous parliamentary term set the foundation for the establishment of a European Gender Institute.

This was a fact well noted by the many participants. We were the most active of all the political delegations there, and there were more European parliamentarians than any others.

All of the other points are well noted ; I shall take up some of them bilaterally, especially the exceedingly important critique provided by the delegation of India, reiterating points that they have previously made.

Natural resource management, in particular combating desertification, is well noted in the respective documents of the two countries and should help in mobilizing funds for the implementation of projects to combat desertification. It compares regional policies, focusing in the process of institutional-building processes, because, as well noted by the theories of regional integration, delegation of authority by National Governments is a sine-quanon condition for integration.

SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.It is well noted that this region is involved in binding with the oncosuppressor Rb. This linkage of performance measurement to improvement is well noted in both the medical [ 2, 3] and systems improvement literature, as summed up in the adage "we improve what we measure"[ 4, 5].

The Japan fascination with American culture, down to the finer points of vintage Levi's, is well notedas is their penchant for black American contributions like jazz, blues and hip-hop. It also is well noted that the English love a queue. It is well noted that ATRA all- trans retinoic acidthe most active metabolite of vitamin A is required for the appropriate differentiation of normal human prostate epithelial cells Sonneveld et al, This dissonance between material living circumstance and QOL has been well noted in the literature [ 67, 68].

The change in approach has been well noted.

well noted in a sentence

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Cell Death and Disease.

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